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Houston Karaoke DJ

At Tunes 4 My Party, we feel that we are the best Karaoke DJ in the Houston area. Why? Because we make our Karaoke clients feel like stars. We start with a high-quality, professional audio system properly sized for the venue and number of guests. Optionally add equipment such as wireless microphones, audio floor monitors, projection screens, staging, lighting, and vocal enhancement effects. We can basically provide the exact setup that a live band would have on stage and let your singers “rock” the audience! We have a huge karaoke library for song selection, so everyone will be able to find something they like to sing, and our interactive Karaoke DJ and master of ceremonies will run the show, and can help encourage participation. This is an experience that’s in a whole different league that a party with a Karaoke machine. Tunes 4 My Party Karaoke is especially awesome for corporate events. In our experience, participation is much higher than expected.

What is Karaoke?

“Karaoke” (from Japanese “kara”=empty, and “oke”=orchestra) is a form of entertainment in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music using a microphone and public address system. The music is a well-known song in which the voice of the original singer is removed or reduced in volume. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with changing color, to guide the singer. The first karaoke machine was invented by Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in Kobe, Japan, in the early 1970s. After becoming popular in Japan, karaoke spread to East and Southeast Asia during the 1980s and subsequently to other parts of the world in its modern state.

It's ALSO loads and loads of fun!!! Call us and let us tell you about it!
Microphone, mixer, and compressor photos from our Houston Karaoke DJ equipment rack